Game – Batman Vs Superman

Welcome to your childhood once again!
One of our favorite pass times at school that kept us awake during those boring lectures that made you realize how clever you were every time you get 3 dots or crosses in a straight line. If you hadn’t played tic-tac-toe a kid you had missed a major part of your childhood. To bring back those precious memories we have put together this game in an all new flavor that has a comic touch to make it look even more lovable. Batman and Superman have been our favorite superheros ever since we can remember. Pick your hero and start playing. This is a simple and lightweight two player game with subtle animations and snappy sounds. It is completely free and can be played any number of times without any limit at any time, no internet connection needed. You can download the game from below link and share it with friends. Happy playing..!


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  1. A Commenter says:

    Thank you for this wonderful game that reminds me of my school days. My friend Jignesh and I used to play this game during our class. I have saved all those papers with me until now.

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